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Sleeping/Closet Microenvironment: A strategic combination of units reshapes the domestic landscape
Slide 2
Closet Area: Users can grow or reduce the size of the closet according to their needs
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Bed Concept: A combination of three units arranged to create a large piece of furniture. The mattress is a volume of folded and compressed ½” thick felt fabric that performs as a structural material.
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Carpet Concept: Single yarn units are plugged one‐by‐one into a foam panel to form a multicolor carpet that can accommodate infinite variations. The carpet may be also used as a “floor” game.
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Chair Concept: Snap buttons -strategically located along the edges of the felt sheet - allow users to mold the fabric to create multiple seating experiences
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Sofa Concept: The pillow unit can be easily placed/inserted/plugged into the top of a metal frame and the sofa can grow into an infinite number of units and color combinations

OFF THE FLOOR Floorniture for the Urban Domestic Landscape

Typical houses are conceived as highly static and immovable environments, but the people who occupy them are not anymore. How can we design a domestic environment that predicts and allows for mobility?

“Off the Floor” is a new concept for the domestic environment that proposes an integrated and mobile furnishing system . By integrating furniture into the thickness of a transportable modular floor tile system, the project aims to address the needs of the contemporary population in responding to its highly mobile lifestyle and the shortage of space in urban domestic environment.

“Floorniture” means that you can carry “home” along with your life and, thus, repeat it over and over again wherever you are going and whenever you need.

Thesis Advisor: Deborah Schneiderman