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INSIDE-OUTSIDE OFFICE An Exteriorized Interior for the Modern Mobile Worker

My thesis considers the interior of the workplace as a means to create an alternative model for work. With the rapidly increasing population of in- dependent or mobile workers and the ever-present need for city residents to spend time engaging with the outdoors, we have the opportunity to redesign the way that New Yorkers think about the relationship between the workday and the city’s environment. Taking advantage of the city’s many urban park projects underway and the current technologies changing where we can work, my thesis examines one possibility for designing an office space that preserves all of the benefits of being outdoors while meeting the requirements for productive work indoors. My proposal is a design for a community of single person office environments, located in various open spaces around the city. These units will provide a site for independent workers to do concentrated work in an interior that responds to and allows the user to experience the varying environmental conditions of New York City’s urban nature.

Thesis Advisor: Deborah Schneiderman