Slide 1
Ingestion of the Interior – Drawing sensory parallels between the food, people and interior space
Slide 2
One of six experimental sensory experiences emphasizing smell
Slide 3
Six participants are saturated in different scents in part one
Slide 4
Participants eat a meal containing the six scents in part two
Slide 5
One of six experimental sensory experiences emphasizing ultrasonic vibration
Slide 6
Participants engage in a meal with earplugs to block outside ambient sound
Slide 7
The environment records the vibration of the participants movement

Ingestion of the Interior

Sensory stimuli are simultaneously produced by the food, inhabitants and the interior where ingestion takes place. Whether we are conscious of it or not, sensory stimuli from these three elements combine to form ones taste perception. Taste is the culmination of all of the senses.

Six experimental interior experiences were designed and created to question the impact of the interior on taste perception. Each installation emphasized and explored one of the senses. This experimental approach to design, studies these relationships beyond current modes of representation - it draws and utilizes research from food science, human physiology and sociology to answer:

“How can we design for the parallels of the sensory experience between food and the interior environment as a means of informing space and experience?”

Thesis Advisor: Alexa Griffith-Winton