Slide 1
View from the entrance showing glass case with skeleton and display of clothes
Slide 2
Reference images: Fire makes unatural materials look natural
Slide 3
Volume analyzed through sections
Slide 4
View from ramp towards the back showing mirror in glass case and customer trying the QR codes on her phone
Slide 5
Proposed iPhone app
Slide 6
The fitting room: Sensors read garments and project information on mirror
Slide 7
View towards glass display case

UNCOMMON CREATURES - A RETAIL INSTALLATION Exploring the Connection Between High-End Retail and the Consequences of Consumption

In order to establish a connection between luxury retail design and the consequences of consumption, two worlds seemingly often at counterpoint with one another, I will in my thesis explore methods of creating a high-end shopping space while establishing transparency about the often detrimental outcome of consumption. The apparent conflict between a positive shopping experience and the negative result of mass-consumption, will be tested through designing a retail space for a high-end designer, which not only gives the visitor an extraordinary shopping experience, but also creates a space that can function as a social platform originating change and awareness. I will explore how a retail space can project the identity of the brand, and its invented “dream world”, while simultaneously possessing the ability to reflect the real world surrounding us.

Thesis Advisor: Alexa Griffith Winton