Slide 1
Sliding translucent storage panel
Slide 2
Kitchen: Tridentine table returns to its sister panel when not in use
Slide 3
Unfolded elevation: Detail of built in couches and side tables
Slide 4
Flatware moulding panel prototype: Handmade spoons on magnetic resin panel
Slide 5
Tridentine panel - shoji screen of copper: Reversely indented to fit against wall
Slide 6
Cast porcelain "assembled moulding" lamps


My thesis examines the tension between our need to consume less material goods with our desire to be surrounded by materials that inspire and express our values. The desire to consume less is driven by the collective goal to sustain natural resources and reduce the carbon footprint. The desire to see beauty and our values in our surroundings is intimated by our affinity towards the meticulously crafted, and the fine arts. It is in the notion of craftsmanship that these two desires can be met. My thesis researches elements of residential interiors that use minimal materials, are highly functional and aesthetically inspiring.

Thesis Advisor: Deborah Schneiderman