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Cabinet store entrance. The leaf feature acts as a scent diffuser from the inside to the outside. It also acts as a glare prevention mechanism.
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The Welcome Desk introduces the visitor to the store. A microscope allows for the guest to read the minute welcome note which references to the importance of scent.
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Main interaction area. A combination of cabinets is suspended from the ceiling allowing their mobile nature to create variety in the configuration.
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Within these cabinets, one can discover various experiences with scent.
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At the check out, the visitor can purchase different essences labeled by number. They can also purchase a box scent diffuser that allows for collection and experimentation.
Slide 7
The user can mix scents into the air by pouring selected oils into the ceramic plate which is then placed on a spinning record player surface.


The sense of smell is a layer of magic in our tangible reality. It works in peculiar ways many not yet justified. Like magic it is elusive but the impact it imparts transcends the sum of its parts. In theory, the scents we smell are thresholds between what is understood to be actual and the imaginary. Similar to the Chaos Theory, something as subtle as a scent can ultimately impact our emotional and physical state in ways our other senses fail to.

This thesis explores the mysteriously intangible yet incomparable qualities of scent in an attempt to create interactive spatial experiences that inspire the sense of discovery.

Thesis Advisor: Alexa Griffith-Winton