Slide 1
Sensorium Groundcover. Combination of hard concrete + soft grass.
Slide 2
Inside Sensorium's Garden.
Slide 3
Moving towards Sensorium's Teahouse (elevated above).
Slide 4
Inside Sensorium's Teahouse.
Slide 5
Seasonal tea selection. Smell and order at the counter.
Slide 6
Sensorium materials palette. Strawberry Rubarb Tea | White Marble Stones | Ceramic Teabowls
Slide 7
Haptic encounters with cold rock on a hot summer day + a handmade ceramic teabowl.

SENSORIUM: A Tactile Respite for the People of New York City

A respite from the stimulating cityscape is provided by a haptic experience. Dense spectacle in the city overwhelms the senses of metropolitan people. When the abundant stimuli dull sensory receptors, a connection with the built environment is lost. Can the senses be re-engaged by physically removing the body from the stimulation into a haptic relationship with nature and tea? A Sensorium is created to test this question inside the Tobacco Warehouse on the Brooklyn waterfront with a view to the city. Sensorium offers a respite for the people of New York City to bring sensory awareness by slowing down the experience and creating moments of haptic sensation. This thesis engages a design method for interiors to prioritize touch, smell, sound and taste while diminishing the reliance on the visual experience.

Thesis Advisor: Jonsara Ruth