Slide 1
Location-specific memories projected on fog screens
Slide 2
Bar with and without fog screens
Slide 3
Two participants and a server
Slide 4
Scent accords and tools used in olfactory research
Slide 5
Film stills from Bob and Tree's memories
Slide 6
Three tickets for the event. Each person's reservation pseudonym is identified on the ticket. The names are those that would have appeared in the original sign-in book

STONEWALL REVISITED Time, Memory and Atmospheric Representation

I am proposing a method for representing historical interior atmospheres in a fully im- mersive sensual environment that changes over time. Since atmosphere is a very subjective and individual experience, the separate atmospheric memories of two men are represented within the same space. The adjacency of the two representations allows participants to com- pare and contrast the sensual experiences of each, promoting awareness of the differences in perception of atmosphere from person to person.

Additionally, organizing the experience as an event allows participants to experience how the men’s perceptions of atmosphere shift over time, giving them a much stronger sense of context. In recreating these atmospheric conditions, I will be designing sensual stimulants for all receptors of the sensual environment (sight, sound, touch, taste and smell), which will help the environment convey a more complex and true sense of atmosphere than can be seen in most conventional representations of historical interiors.

Thesis Advisor: Alexa Griffith Winton