Luminous Talks

Luminous Talks is a collaboration between Philips and Parsons School of Design, started in 2012. Luminous Talks brings together architects, lighting designers, academics, industry leaders and others to discuss innovations and current topics in the lighting design industry. Luminous Talks involves a series of educational events that include public talks, online webinars, publications and more – offering multiple opportunities to learn, connect, inspire and to be inspired.

Architects, lighting designers and researchers have been invited to inspire dialogue around the second Luminous Talks theme, Nature & Man-Made, which examines the dualistic relationship between ...

2013 The Best of Luminous Talks

Kellen Auditorium
Online design magazine Core77 recently covered the latest Luminous Talks symposium, a collaborative lecture series organized jointly by Parsons and Philips and established in 2012. The theme for this...

2013 Nature and Man-Made

Wollman Hall
This year’s Luminous Talks, titled The Changing Room, held at Parsons on November 12, will bring together architects, designers and scholars for a symposium exploring the dynamic potential ...

2014 The Challenging Room

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