Aftertaste 2012 After Taste Symposium

March 21, 2012 to March 22, 2012

The current year is intended to reflect, review and explore the translation of current research into design and teaching practices.

AFTERTASTE, the title, word and image, is re-explored in the new graphic designed by Lucille Tenazas, Principal of Tenazas Design and Henry Wolf Professor at the School of Art, Media and Technology at Parsons School of Design.


Typographic Study: A F T E RA S T E

AFTER TASTE (2 words) going beyond what is aesthetically appropriate/   positive?
AFTERTASTE  (1 word)  flavor intensity experienced after food has been ingested/ negative?

The two-word phrase, AFTER TASTE conjures up a set of associations, different from the single word, AFTERTASTE. Which one is positive and which is negative? In approaching the design of a typographic identity for Aftertaste, I welcomed the chance of coming up with something ambiguous so it is neither. As a graphic designer who uses typography to extend this idea, I look at individual letterforms and whenever possible, let them do "double-duty" so that 2 letters can be read as a single unit. I also like "constructing" the typographic elements so that it alters or enhances the way something is read. It is this vacillating process of design reading that I am most interested in. I have always been interested in ideas that are ambiguous because it relies on the viewer or reader to complete its meaning.

- Lucille Tenazas


As a means of instigating reflection, Suzie Attiwill, program director of Interior Design at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia will be our guest to share her 20+ years experience with expansive Interior Design academic practices.
Her public lecture "?interior" will be held on Wednesday March 21st.


March 21, 2012, Location: Class Corner

6:15 pm

+ Suzie Attiwill


Suzie Attiwill

Suzie Attiwill is associate professor and Program Director of Interior Design, RMIT School of Architecture and Design, Melbourne, Australia. Suzie has an independent practice involving the design of exhibitions, curatorial work, writing and working on a range of interdisciplinary projects in Australia and overseas. Publications include: ‘Urban and Interior: techniques for an urban interiorist’ Urban Interior. Informal explorations, interventions and occupations Germany: Spurbuchverlag, 2011; ‘Spatial Relations’ in Making Space: artist run initiatives in Victoria Australia: VIA-N, 2007; and co-editor with Gini Lee, ‘INSIDEOUT’ IDEA Journal 2005, Brisbane: QUT Press, 2005. From 1996 to 1999, she was the inaugural Artistic Director of Craft Victoria and editor of the journal Craft. Suzie is the current chair of IDEA (Interior Design/Interior Architecture Educators Association), a founding member of the Urban Interior and a member of the Design Institute of Australia.

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