Aftertaste 2012 After Taste Reception

March 22, 2012
6:00 - 10:00 PM

"In designing this environment, we were prompted to confront the coexistence of inside/outside from a conceptual brief provided by Suzie Attwill. Surprising Qualities emerged from exploring the boundary at the glass wall. Unifying inside and outside felt celebratory and we were driven to create an experience of effervescence by engaging all the senses. from Materials for the arts, we acquired 87 copies of a hardbound linen covered boxed book (Legacy: The Emily Fisher Landau Collection). transforming the interior and content of the book led to a series of propositions for this evening of encounters. We hope you enjoy our discoveries."  - MFA Interior Design 1st year students

Inside- Curiosities was a temporary environment realized by MFA Interior Design 1st year students - Seungwoo Bae, Golpar Baharnoori, Zachary Barr, Renee Burdick, Ya Ting Chang, Scott Hsu, Ali Otstott, Stephanie Rodriguez, Alexia Sheinman, Shanshan Sui, Marcela trejo Hernandez, Jenny Werbell, Kimberly Zeluck, Shu Zhao.

The Temporary Interior Workshop was led by artist Helen Quinn.
A citrus inspired food tasting selection was prepared by guest chef Ashton Keefe.

A special thanks to  Wasara and Acolyte who helped us realize this event.