Yigit Kale / 2nd prize in the Kölner Design Preis International


Yigit Kale, graduate of the Master of Architecture Program at SCE, won second prize in the Kölner Design Preis international, a competition organized by the Köln International School of Design (KISD). The Kölner Design Preis international is sponsored by Cölner Hofbräu Früh AG and awarded to the best graduation projects from the non-European partner schools of KISD. This award comes with a €15.000 prize fund.

Yigit’s project, Industrial Xylem is an urban design project intended to reconnect Albany’s (NY) industrial waterfront with the rest of the city, which is currently cut off by a massive highway bridge.

The project proposes a collective business model to reestablish the waterfront’s connections with the city and its transportation infrastructure. It suggests an innovative idea of creating connections in between factories based on the use of by-products and therefore aims to create a production sequence paralell to the life-cycle of raw materials.