Watch SCE Students and Faculty Assemble Pop-Up Kiosk for People’s Climate Change March

IMG_5655Well over On September 21, over 300,000 people came out for the People’s Climate March in New York City, making it the largest climate protest in history. As part of The New School’s Climate Action Week and in preparation for the March, SCE students worked with faculty Daniel Michalik and Jeremy Barbour to build a pop-up Climate Change Awareness kiosk in Union Square Park. Below are two short films and photographs documenting SCE’s contribution to this historic event. Participant students included Fatou Gologo, Daniel Huang, Angelo Jones, Aneesh Karnik, Ekin Keserer, Ethan Lim, Nicholas Liong, Philip Liu, Naiky Paradis, Era Premakara, Jordan Stewart, Tatiana Cantarovich, Ashley Chen, Ping Ni Chen, Merve Gulay, Aries Kim, Huira Koo, Saif Latif, Julia Liao, Heba Malaeb, Samir Nandwani, Yu Rong, Peter Sim, Esliu Teker, and Jiaying Wu.

Additional coverage of the kiosk can be found here.

Parsons School of Constructed Environments Pop Up Kiosk for People’s Climate Change March from Parsons SCE on Vimeo.