Waste Not: Shaping The Public: Social Machines. Working Over Conflict.

Alejandro (1)

The School of Constructed Environments (SCE) at Parsons presents, Waste Not 5: Shaping The Public: Social Machines. Working Over Conflict., presented by Alejandro Haiek of Lab.Pro.Fab.

The Public Machinery, an applied research project, focuses its research in the environment, the objects, and in human practices. The Public Machinery is interested in: different kinds of ecologies, the reprogram of obsolesces, the renewal of inactive landscapes, the reactivation of disused territories (systems, artifacts and waste materials) and by local phenomena, behaviors and social dynamics. The Public Machinery chooses a logistic design of a chain of events instead of a massive construction project. Their itinerary includes a series of actions that seek to activate social environment.

29 October, Thursday 6pm-8pm

The Glass Corner, Room 206, 25 E 13th Street

This SCE event is part of the Waste Not series, which highlights how some of the most innovative designers today are engaged in formulating new approaches to the question of ‘waste’. The series explores whether it’s ‘re-use’ or ‘super-use’, ‘up-cycling’ or ‘retrofitting’.