Waste Not: The Social Meaning of Light

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SCE presents, Waste Not 2: The Social Meaning of Lighthosted by Craig Brenecker, Associate Professor of Lighting Design, and presented by Toby Cumberbatch, Professor of Electrical Engineering.

This talk will discuss some of the technical and social challenges associated with lighting off the electrical grid. Results will be presented from work with a culturally adaptable, self-assembled, solar powered lighting system designed to be technologically, operationally and financially sustainable at the point of end use.

1 October, Thursday 6pm – 8pm

The Glass Corner, Room 206, 25 E 13th Street

This SCE event is part of the Waste Not series, which highlights how some of the most innovative designers today are engaged in formulating new approaches to the question of ‘waste’. The series explores whether it’s ‘re-use’ or ‘super-use’, ‘up-cycling’ or ‘retrofitting’.