Waste Not: Passive House


SCE presents, Waste Not 1: Passive House, hosted by David White, Assistant Professor of Environmental Technology and Material Sciences, featuring architects, Paul Castrucci, Julie Torres Moskovitz, and Michael Ingui.

The Passive House standard, the world’s most stringent energy efficiency standard, first came to the US in 2005. Since then, NYC has become the national hub of Passive House work. Three leading NYC Passive House architects will present recently completed projects and discuss how they improve health, comfort, and durability while using dramatically less energy than conventional NYC construction.

A Q&A will follow the presentation.

24 September, Thursday 6pm – 8pm

The Glass Corner, Room 206, 25 E 13th Street

This SCE event is part of the Waste Not series, which highlights how some of the most innovative designers today are engaged in formulating new approaches to the question of ‘waste’. The series explores whether it’s ‘re-use’ or ‘super-use’, ‘up-cycling’ or ‘retrofitting’.

(image credit: parsit.parsons.edu)