Unpacking Diversity: Politics/Economics

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Social diversity as a value may be applied toward the goal of achieving an equitable society. The means to achieve this goal attain social justice “in all aspects for all people” requires the diversification of political and economic access to government; income production; land; and the production of space–most critically public and institutional space and housing. In the second event of the Unpacking Diversity series, the projects presented explore design as an instrument for diversification in political and economic contexts.

The Architectural Practice of Graymailing, Yutaka Sho, GA Collective; Associate Professor, Syracuse University

Moderator: Yolande Daniels, studioSUMO; Visiting Associate Professor, Parsons School of Constructed Environments; “Crisis Architecture: Conflict, Cultures of Displacement and Crisis-forms,” Ground Rules in Humanitarian Design, Alice Minsoo Chun and Irene Brisson, Editors

20 October, Tuesday 6pm – 8pm

The Glass Corner, Room 206, 25 E 13th Street