Two Artists Built a Spinning House, and Then Moved In – ReActor House, completed!

Two Artists Built a spinning house, and then moved in which sits upon a concrete pillar at Omi International Arts Center in Ghent, N.Y. The house spins and tilts with the wind, and the weight of its inhabitants.

The 40-by-8-foot Modernist structure was a living space for Schweder and Shelley for five days as visitors looked on. Between the perpetual spinning and coordinating their own movements to ensure a level living space, the residency was an ongoing exercise in establishing a routine, finding autonomy in the (literal) balancing act of sharing a space and redefining everyday comforts.

The house will be on display for two years; and this September and October, Schweder and Shelley will inhabit Reactor for another several days. The School of Constructed Environments also had a helping hand in getting the project up and running. SCE students who participated in the were Lena Kouvela, Sarah Burns, Jordana Massie Goots, and Caitlin Beryl Warther

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Reactor House