@ The Table: A Note from the Dean

The Parsons table, is cited as one the most progressive and egalitarian objects in modern culture. Developed in the interior design department in the 1930’s is an apt metaphor for the School of Constructed Environments (SCE) — as a physical home, as a community of scholars, and as a point of civic exchange with global city communities.

The following images depict various educational tables and public forums at which SCE students, faculty, citizens and leaders learn the two critical design activities of being of and on the new Parsons table.

The table is a key tool of intra-disciplinary work. It is learning the design negotiation skills of being a creative agent of the table, working together to set the terms of shared communication that will frame the situation and outline the outcomes.

The table is a pubic forum upon which to change outmoded design and development models. It is learning the skill of placing design research on the table, where building options can be projected, and sustainable development integrated into everyday living and working environments.

At the SCE table, students, faculty, professionals and citizens find meet diverse interests, bridge disciplinary boundaries, and discovers a public realm fueled by regenerative design practice.


— William Morrish, February 22, 2010