THE EQUINOX – March 21st

SCE COLOR LAB & Benjamin Moore

The COLOR LAB class wanted to enliven and activate this seating area by introducing color and an element of the exterior into the interior. The concept for this installation began by imagining what it would look like if we took the ceiling off and the sky was revealed above. How would the sun cast shadows of the circular duct and lighting fixture onto the walls inside the space?

The overlapping shadows you see on the wall would occur on March 21st at 2pm and 3pm, which is also when the spring season begins. The neighboring building, the sky and ideas of spring inspired the colors we chose.  Since the intensity of the sun is stronger at 2pm than at 3pm, the shadows at 2pm are a dark value color (Benjamin Moore’s Deep Ocean) while at 3pm the shadows are lighter value colors (Fountain Spout and White Stone). In the area where the shadows overlap we introduced an in-between color (How Blue Am I?). And lastly, the ray of yellow has a semi-gloss finish to represent the sun.

This project was a collaboration between the SCE Elective, COLOR LAB taught by Helen Quinn and the Coordinator of General Studies, School of Art, Media and Technology, Thomas Bosket.

We would like to thank Carl Minchew, Director of Product Development, at Benjamin Moore for making this full-scale installation possible.

Photos by Mauricio Zermeño and Melissa Baird