Cities + Citizenship Workshops

This series of workshops will explore themes from the Cities and Citizenship conference and facilitate dialogue between students and professionals from a variety of disciplines including architecture, design, urban planning, and sociology.

Living Arts City: Art and Urbanism in Phnom Penh and New York

The Living Arts City Colloquium is a two-day event on April 6 and 7 that will bring together artists, performers, curators, arts managers, scholars and students in a series of facilitated workshops and discussions on how to make the arts central to a sustainable future in Cambodia, in the face of rapid growth and urban development.

Evolo Competition Entry: Raymond Bourraine + Andrew McGregor

MArch students entered the Evolo Skyscraper Competition with their “Upper Bay Tower 1” called an “Ark of Urban Civilization”.

Chicago | 1890

“Chicago 1890” reveals that early skyscrapers offered hotly debated solutions to the city’s toughest problems.