Susan Szenasy Reflects on MFA Thesis Final Reviews in Metropolis

SUPPAN_perspective 1

Laura Alexandra Suppan, Minimal/Maximal: From Identification to Application. Image: Laura Suppan

Susan Szenasy, Publisher and Editor in Chief of Metropolis Magazine, attended some of the thesis final reviews for the 2015 graduating MFA Interior Design students, and published her reflections on her experience in the June issue of Metropolis. Szenasy celebrated the conceptual rigor of the presentations, as well as the collegial and contemplative atmosphere of the reviews themselves.  She praised Laura Suppan’s investigation of minimalism in the context of interior design, as well as Jia Hua’s exploration of the relationship between nature and the interior within the urban density of Midtown Manhattan. Szenasy wrote that she left the reviews feeling inspired and looking forward to the next generation of interior designers now entering the profession.

HUA_render 2final2big

Jia Hua, City is Office, Office is City. Image: Jia Hua