Submission Opportunity: Metropolis’s New Design Competition

Metropolis’s New Design Competition are hosting a design contest called Tomorrow’s Workplace Design Competition which challenges designers and architects to envision how the office of the future will support workers’ needs for privacy, light, nature, noise reduction, community, and health. As work-life balance increasingly gives way to work-life integration, we believe that design’s capacity for affirmative speculation holds great potential to address such a pervasive issue.

Submitting to the competition offers several exciting benefits to the finalists. Premier among these is a cash prize of $7500 to the 1st place winner, and $2500 to the runner-up – honoraria which will likely be welcome by design students at the outset of their careers.

Secondly, winners stand to gain much high-profile exposure in the field of design. Our judging panel is comprised of industry leaders, while the awards ceremony will be a highly-publicized event with thorough coverage from Architecture & Design press.

Submissions deadline is October 8th. Please reference the design brief here.