Spring 2011 ID Junior Studio

This studio uses the professional studio template, as a starting point where the primary generative forces are a real occupiable site and an ongoing dialogue with the occupants. Cecilia Dean, a design editor and educator and David Selig, a New York City restaurateur offered up their home and their life’s activity. Students were asked to organize the domestic desires and life /use tendencies of the two occupants within a 19th century 2 story roughhouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn.
The definition of a unique interior design program, both its scale and scope, should emerge from this work for each individual student author. Built proposals embrace the idea that inventions occur by way of modification as well as replacement, that value is recalibrated with attentive observation and attentive craftsmanship. Invention will happen at scale, atop the students’ desk, and in a partial fashion at full scale involving a dialogue with outside professional vendors and fabricators.