South Williamsburg Park designed by SCE faculty Alexis Kraft and Nancy Kim featured in the New York Times

Havemeyer Park, a multipurpose park in Williamsburg designed by Alexis Kraft, director of the BS of Architecture and BFA of Interior Design Programs, together with fellow SCE faculty member Nancy Kim, was recently featured in a New York Times article addressing the distinctions between the more developed North Williamsburg and the more bohemian South Williamsburg. Havemeyer Park opened in July 2013, and is home to the North Brooklyn Farm, an urban farm dedicated to expanding farming within New York City, as well as the Brooklyn Bike Park, a free mountain mountain biking circuit that also offers mountain bike skills training. The park is located in the former parking lot of the Domino Sugar Factory in South Williamsburg.


Havemeyer Park's Brooklyn Bike Trail.  Photo: Brooklyn Bike Trail

Havemeyer Park’s Brooklyn Bike Trail. Photo: Brooklyn Bike Trail