Sound Designer Charlie Morrow leads workshop with 1st year MFA Interior Design students


A video was made to capture the essence of the workshop: sound is an integral element in the design of interiors.

People perceive space with many senses. Charlie Morrow gave a workshop within MFA Interior Design Studio 1 to investigate sound and audio experience as a primary consideration in the design of interiors.  Students in teams of 4 constructed sound pieces to be experienced in an 8’ long plywood corridor.

During the process, some questions addressed and discussed were:

What is the physiology of the ear and how do we hear?

How much do we sense in vibration versus audible notes?

What is the relationship of materials to sound?

What is the role of pause or silence between sounds?

How does sound affect the experience of space?

Charlie Morrow is the Founder and Creative director of Morrow Sound. He is a leading figure in branded sound and advocate for the use of sound for well-being.

Throughout his career, Morrow has sought to bring experimental sound and music to a wider audience. His works have ranged from massive free public events, such as “Toot’N Blink” for Chicago’s Lake Michigan and “Fanfare in the Air” for New York Harbor to innovative installations for the world’s leading institutions, including Kennedy Space Center, Empire State Building, and the American Museum of Natural History.

Morrow works and lives in Helsinki, Finland and Barton, Vermont.