Siena, Italy: Art/Design/Music Lab & Residency

Join Nick Brinen, Adjunct Associate Professor at Parsons School of Design, for an architecture course in Sienna, Italy, as part of Artist Immersion Program. AIP is an interdisciplinary learning platform developed at the intersection of creativity, design, and culture. Using a variety of modalities, from media and art history, to happiness economics and systems thinking, to mindfulness and creative writing, the students will participate in experimental, horizontal learning. 

Architecture Course description: As new buildings engage existing urban environments, both ends of the time spectrum (past and future) must be evaluated with specialized filters for understanding opportunity and consequence. Analyze and pose a series of conditions through architectural drawing, accessible 3 – D modeling techniques, and critical design discussions to recognize the design strategies that strengthen connections between historical sense of place and new interventions of architecture. Evaluate the local community as precedent and site for the final project to explore strategies of grafting new architectural program within and upon existing conditions.

To learn more about the program, courses, and application, please visit the AIP’s page