SCE Students and Faculty featured at IDEC Annual Conference 2022

2022 Virtual Annual Conference
Reconnect + Recalibrate
March 1-4


This year’s conference is an opportunity for interior design educators, students and stakeholders to reconnect, share scholarship, learn about new teaching practices, forge industry partnerships, and explore opportunities for collaboration. The 2022 conference seeks to foreground our individual and collective pedagogical approaches to address and respond to the most defining issues of our time through the lens of systems thinking and at the intersection of equity and climate. Together, we will recalibrate how and why we teach what we teach in light of the changing conditions in the world around us. Through scholarship presentations, educational workshops, and guest speakers, we will provide educators with tools and methods for advancing interior design curriculum, course development, and student learning, to create a healthy, resilient, and inclusive future.


Several Parsons SCE Students and Faculty are featured on this year’s panels:

Khalid Mousa (BFA ID ’23) is on a panel with students from all NYC ID programs: Reflecting on Diversity and Climate Justice in Interior Design being moderated by Katrina Matejcik(MFA ID/LTD ’22)
Nadia Elrokhsy(FTF SCE) is presenting, “Pre-Design, ID, and Design for Sustainability”
Jieun Yang (PTF SCE) is presenting, “Practice of Care: Designing for the Invisible”
Sam Bennett (PTF SCE + MFA ID alum) is presenting, “Slow Interiors Manifesto: A Renewed Framing of Interiors”
and Laura Sansone (PTF FASH/FY) is on a panel coordinated by Cotter Christian (Associate Dean SCE) called: The intersection of Climate and Social Justice moderated by Allison Lichter (FTF Lang College)
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