SCE student participates in Boisbuchet workshop on Space, Motion and Community


Each summer, the Domaine de Boisbuchet in France is home to design workshops exploring critical issues in contemporary design. This year, Lindsey Dieter (MFA ID ’16 and MFA LD ’16) took part in Space, Motion and Community, led by choreographer, media artist, and arstpace developer Jonah Bokaer. In this workshop, participants explored the critical role of the built environment plays in choreographing the movement of the body as it moves through the routines of daily life. They also looked at the ways in which the body in turn influences the design of spaces. Dieter has a background in contemporary ballet, and is enrolled in both the MFA Interior Design and MFA Lighting programs at SCE. She has created a blog, M.lab, which she will document her continuing experiments in how the body and space interact.