SCE Public Program: Design in a Post-Colonial Context: Singapore

SCE Public Programs Presents:
Design in a Post-Colonial Context: Singapore

Thursday, April 7
7-8pm EST
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Hosted By:
Yu Nong Khew, Dir. BFA ID Program; Assistant Professor of Interiors, Objects and Technology
Cotter Christian, Assoc. Dean SCE; Assistant Prof. of Interior Design

What does it mean to design in a post-colonial context? How is decolonization both aspirational and a potentially violent dismissal of heritage? When authority controls memory and legacy is erased in the interest of progress, what gets lost in the process?

Using Singapore as a context, this panel discussion will explore the personal experience of post-colonialism through the lens of design. Just as Singlish (an English-based creole language spoken in Singapore) draws vernacular associations from proximity, climate, and heritage –  parallels with design languages emerge from various conditions like lineage, education, external influences, and personal preferences.


Nur Hidayah Abu Bakar, Dean, Faculty of Design, Lasalle College of the Arts
Jia Jun Yeo, Associate Director, SCDA New York
Zhijie Fann, Course Chair, Diploma in Interior Design, Singapore Polytechnic, School of Architecture and the Built Environment
Yu Nong Khew, Director, BFA Interior Design Program, School of Constructed Environments

Moderator: Cotter Christian, Associate Dean, School of Constructed Environments

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