SCE MArch Faculty David Leven Hosts Book Talk for New Publication

SCE Associate Professor of Architecture David Leven (Partner, LEVENBETTS) with Stella Betts (Partner, LEVENBETTS) and co-author Thomas de Monchaux host a Book Talk & Signing for their new book, Thirteen Ways of Looking at a House.

Thursday April 14, 6-8pm
25 E 13th St, E206 (Glass Corner)

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a House is a book that documents 13 houses designed by LEVENBETTS. It is about how we look at houses and how we live in them; and about how we can use thinking about houses to think about design and domesticity – and all the places we call home. This residential architecture emphasizes a new kind of openness, in which domestic environments don’t tell you how to behave, but empower their dwellers with freedoms of choice—taking a new look at outdated hierarchies of boundary and opening, center and margin, onstage and backstage, front and back, cottage and villa, cozy and expansive, abstract and concrete, traditional and modern, formal and informal.