SCE Launches a Competition with Moroccanoil

Can luxury be sustainable? Sustainability is not a luxury — it is a necessity. While some companies around the world have been shifting gears and making sustainability their language(s), Parsons design community is on a path to crack it open… Starting from the hair care products on our shelves.

This fall, premium hair care brand Moroccanoil is partnering with the School of Constructed Environments to translate sustainability into innovative design solutions. As part of their studio classes, second-year masters students in the industrial design program and senior undergraduate students in the product design program are competing to reimagine packaging and delivery systems for the brand. Their design submissions should critically explore and tackle not only customers’ experiences and visual communication channelled through packaging but the holistic life cycle of the product, its carbon footprint, and supply chain the materials are part of.

Find more about our collaboration and competition here.