SCE Faculty Works in Progress: Daniel Michalik. Nathalie Rozot.

SCE Faculty Works in Progress:
Daniel Michalik
Nathalie Rozot

27 September, Thursday 6-7:30pm
The Glass Corner, Rm 206, 25 East 13th Street

The School of Constructed Environments: Architecture / Interior Design / Lighting Design / Product Design regularly invites a selection of its diverse faculty to present what’s on the table’ in their creative research practices.

This Thursday evening we host Daniel Michalik and Nathalie Rozot.

Daniel is a furniture designer whose work focuses on researching and expanding overlooked materials to create objects that explore the intersections of material, history, culture and manufacturing.The work of his his studio, Daniel Michalik Furniture Design, while created in an atmosphere of experimentation have ​evolved into products that are innovative in both form and function.They have supplied products and solutions for clients worldwide, and their work has been exhibited internationally.

Nathalie Rozot is an award-winnning multidisciplinary planning and design consultant based in New York. Her design leadership comprises extensive projects that reflect her focus on public space and her versatile practice in disciplines encompassing architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, exhibit design, and, since 2000, lighting design. Nathalie is a founder of PhoScope™, a photocentric think-tank that promotes ecophotal systems for the 21st century nightscapes, and advances critical photostudies as well as the conventions of lighting practice and education.