SCE Faculty Works in Progress: Alexa Griffiths Winton. Mark Rakatansky.

SCE Faculty Works in Progress:
Alexa Griffiths Winton, Design Historian
Mark Rakatansky, Studio

18 October, Thursday 6-7:30pm
The Glass Corner, Rm 206, 25 East 13th Street

The School of Constructed Environments: Architecture / Interior Design / Lighting Design / Product Design regularly invites a selection of its diverse faculty to present what’s on the table’ in their creative research practices. This evening we will host Alexa Griffiths Winton and Mark Rakatansky.  Design historian Alexa Griffith Winton specializes in the history and theory of the modern domestic interior. Her work has been featured in many design publications, including the Journal of Design History, the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Timeline of Art History, Dwell and ID Magazine. Currently writing a monograph on the American textile designer Dorothy Liebes (1899 – 1972) — to be published by Princeton Architectural Press — Ms. Griffith Winton has been recognized and supported by grants from the Graham Foundation, the New York State Council on the Arts, the Society for the Preservation of American Modernists Grant and the Center for Craft, Creativity and Research. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in art history from Smith College, Ms. Griffith Winton earned a Master of Arts from the Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts, Design and Culture. Architect and writer Mark Rakatansky is principal in Mark Rakatansky Studio. His designs have won awards from Emerging Voices, I.D. Magazine, the National Competition for Street Trees, and Progressive Architecture. He has published essays in ANY , A+U, Assemblage, Camerawork, Columbia Document, Competitions, Harvard Architecture Review, Journal of Philosophy and Visual Arts, and Log, among others. A collection of his essays, entitled Tectonic Acts of Desire and Doubt,  has just been published, in which transformational performances of architectural identity are explored in discussions of fabrication, social parametrics, building envelopes, spatial narratives, animation, migrancy, and in illuminating readings into the works of Louis Kahn, Robin Evans, John Coltrane, Giulio Romano and Andrea Palladio.