SCE Dean Robert Kirkbride Featured on PBS Documentary “Mysteries of Mental Illness”

PBS Documentary Announcement
Mysteries of Mental Illness
PBS 4-part documentary series
June 22-23, 2021


On Wednesday, June 23 at 9 pm EST, Dean Robert Kirkbride is featured in Episode 3, “The Rise and Fall of the Asylum,” of a new 4-part PBS documentary series, Mysteries of Mental Illness, premiering on June 22nd and 23rd, 2021. 

“Mysteries of Mental Illness, a multi-platform initiative from GBH, examines the story of mental illness in science and society. With a four-hour broadcast series, a digital series and an extensive engagement campaign, Mysteries of Mental Illness traces the evolution of this complex topic from its earliest days to present times. It explores dramatic attempts across generations to unravel the mysteries of mental illness, and give voice to contemporary Americans across a spectrum of experiences.”

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