Rama Chorpash’s “Smart Sidewalks” project is a SXSW Eco Places Award Finalist


“Smart Sidewalks”, a project that Product Design Program Director, Rama Chorpash, created along with a number of collaborators, was recently selected as a finalist for the SXSW Eco Places Award.

The Eco Places Award is presented to designs that reshape a community’s public spaces in a way that encourages a strong sense of community.

“Smart Sidewalks” replaces old payphones with a sleek, interactive screen that elegantly curves up from the ground. The goal of these devices is to provide the user with as much functionality as possible in as little space as possible. Users would be able to view maps of the area, make phone calls, make google searches, and even charge their own smart phones.

Click Here to view the SXSW Eco Places Award Website.