Rama Chorpash Interviewed in Core77


The New School University Center. Image: Jacob A. Pritchard

Core77 has published an extended interview with Rama Chorpash, Director of Product Design and the new MFA Industrial Design programs. In the interview, Chorpash explains the new MFA program is designed to attract an international student body drawn from both design professionals as well as recent design graduates. Chorpash elaborates, “Distinctive to the curriculum are the local and global design studios, which involve significant off-site work and community engagement. In the first term, students will have the opportunity to do hands-on self-production, as well as conduct user testing in NYC. In the second term, they continue their industry-integrated approach by either visiting or working with international production and supply chains. Students utilize advanced making skills and critical inquiry to design products at various scales of production, from low-volume to high-volume—from desktop manufacturing to international global supply-chains.” The full interview can be found here.