Rama Chorpash and Siramol On-Sri Spoke at Making Cities Symposium


Rama Chorpash, Director of the BFA Product Design and MFA Industrial Design programs, spoke at the recent Making Cities symposium, co-sponsored by Chulalongkorn University, the University of Buenos Aires, and The New School. Chorpash’s lecture, “Manufacturing in Place,” highlighted the production of food vending carts in New York City. As Chorposh explained, “Think of a farmers’ market, the locally produced produce (goods) are shipped the shortest distance and rely upon regional needs and constraints. A third Industrial Revolution in Product Design is underway which is rethinking old ideas of accountability, trust, quality, integrity and community. By integrating making technology and digital dissemination – from New York to San Francisco designers and producers are finding ways to open their supply-chain to more fully engage others in their process.”

Recent BFA Product Design graduate Siramol On-Sri also spoke at the symposium. On-Sri is now a footwear designer for Adidas in Germany. She spoke about her final studio project, “Krahm,” a men’s footwear line that addresses both the decline of the Thai footwear industry due to rising labor costs, as well as the increased incidence of athlete’s foot due to Thailand’s tropical climate. The shoes incorporate anti-fungal materials that breathe and absorb sweat, acting as medication for the feet without having to repeatedly apply less-effective traditional remedies.