Product Design Graduate Muan On-Sri on Designing for Adidas


Designer Muan Onsri at Adidas in Germany. Image: Sunday Blessed


Designer Muan On-Sri (BFA Product Design ’13) recently gave an interview to the online fashion magazine, Sunday Blessed, in which she discussed her education at Parsons and at the London College of Fashion, her approach to design, and her recent job as a trainee footwear designer at Adidas. On-Sri said of her experience designing for Y-3, Adidas’ line created by Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto, “Being in Y3 gives you a bit more room to be experimental and it pushes the boundaries of what footwear can be. I’ve only just started working at Y3 but its been an amazing experience so far and attending the show in Paris a few months ago makes you realize that the whole world is really looking to adidas for forward thinking design.” On-Sri previously won a prestigious footwear design award from the Pensole Footwear Design Academy.