Product Design Director Rama Chorpash Featured in The New Yorker

Rama Chorpash, the director of the Parsons BFA Product Design program is featured in February 11& 18 issue of The New Yorker.


Design Derby by Emma Allen

“Rama Chorpash, the director of product design at Parsons, arrived to introduce his entry, the Spiraloop. It is a stainless-steel potato masher, produced by a family-owned spring company in Brooklyn. ‘So I’m going to lead you through the world of spring making’, Chorpash began. ‘It was one of the largest industries in the United States in the nineteenth century, and part of my project is to re-nobilize it’. Chorpash said that he would continue his research while on sabbatical: I’m looking at what I call ‘stand-alone manufacturing’-say, a metal spinner that used to make a part for milk truck–and then imagining utopic visions for what it can make.”


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