Product Design Alumni Team’s SoaPen Design Moves to Final Round in UN Wearables Competition


SoaPen Team: Amanat Anand, Junho Byun, Yogita Agrawal, Amanat Anand, Shubham Issar. Image: UN/Wearables for Good

A team of recent Product Design graduates created SoaPen – a wearable soap product designed to encourage young children to wash their hands often – as part of the United Nations Wearables for Good Competition. Working together, Amanat Anand, Junho Byun, Shubham Issar, and Yogita Agrawal were drawn to the social innovation aspect of the competition, which seeks to develop affordable and life changing wearable solutions for women and children. SoaPen is a fun, wearable soap product that parents can use with children, and children can use on their own. The team – one of ten finalists chosen from the international, open competition –  was inspired to create a soap-based design by reading how effective and critical thorough hand washing is a preventing disease.  For more on the team and competition and to view the other nine finalist’s proposals, see the Wearables for Good site. The winning design will be selected in November.