Plant-in City is an art installation that takes terrariums to the 21st Century

“Plant-In City” is an art installation of modular, stack-able terrariums that will evoke human architecture and technology, inspired by life in New York City. One of our goals is to live a more sustainable lifestyle. This begins by bringing nature inside to our everyday urban environment. We are looking to create the first “Green City,” where plants populate structures inside a gallery space in Manhattan. We envision a dense, lush skyline, where water flows from one terrarium to another. Visitors to the space enter an immersive environment. Sounds of plants echo in their ears. Vibrant rays of light articulate every nuance of beauty that the eye can see. The creators, Jon Schramm and Huy Bui, graduated from the MArch program and are collaborating with Carlos Gomez de Llarena, graduate of the ITP program at NYU. Jon Schramm is also a part-time faculty member in the SCE.

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