Place by Design 2016 Finalists – Mark Gardner; Asst. Professor of Architectural Practice & Society

Place by Design 2016 Finalists – Mark Gardner; Asst. Professor of Architectural Practice & Society

The Place by Design Finalists envision public space as something greater than a backdrop for human activity. These projects push everyday places to become an integral part of a community and a force for social, economic and environmental change. Place by Design represents the potential for place-based innovation to influence public health, community engagement, social equity and more. While many applicants work in related fields such as urban design and architecture, there are also artists, developers, community activists, corporations and entrepreneurs below. This diversity demonstrates the collaboration that is key to building good places, and SXSW Eco’s Place by Design program strives to be a platform to foster extraordinary partnerships and advance this work further.

Mark’s project, the Tanzania Beekeepers Asali & Nyuki Sanctuary, is a honey bee education center. The program includes a centralized facility for honey extraction and processing, a large porch honey market, educational rooms, and provides services to local villages in support of their beekeeping activities.

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