PIAZZA CERAMICA by Eva Perez de Vega

The proposal for the Ceramics of Italy exhibit emerges from the idea of the Italian Piazza and a conceptual lifting the corners of the platform to provide elegantly concealed programmed spaces below, and a flowing piazza-like space above articulated with gradual steps in a visually striking red gradient. The two mound-like surfaces provide different seating possibilities and cantilever over the required reception and café areas.

Piazza Ceramica can be recreated in many different piazza-like configurations. The proposal consists in producing one module and its mirror counterpart, using CNC and water jet technologies, which can be combined and reused in multiple assemblies. For Piazza Ceramica 2012 the pavilion will debut in the “introvert” position, with the two sloping surfaces facing each other creating a flow of open space between them inviting and guiding visitors into the tiled piazza. This open gathering and eating space is modulated with gradient shades of green suggesting different performance possibilities of areas within the larger space.