MFA ID Director Alfred Zollinger’s Matter Architecture Practice Featured on the News

Matter Architecture Practice  designed the pavilion for the Cooper Hewitt for the London Design Biennale 2018.

Matter Architecture Practice has created an artificial garden of reeds to serve as visual adhesive for Lieberman and DuBois’s installations. It is a surreal splicing of nature and technology that suggests a surprisingly intrinsic side to facial recognition; that the desire surrounding “reading” emotions burrows deep into human history and across culture. “There’s a misconception that facial recognition is a new, cutting-edge thing, but the truth is human history is filled with attempts to qualify emotions and extrapolating them as readings of character,” explains Lupton. “And this stems into pseudoscientific approaches which have fed into the racial and aesthetic biases of this software today.”architecturaldigest

In 2016 the Cooper Hewitt projected 100 digitized wallpapers from the museum’s archives in The Immersion Room, converting what was once a physical skin into easily changeable digital versions. For Face Values, curator Ellen Lupton has taken a similar approach to a different topic: the conversion of a physical signifier into easily transmissible code. Face Values will feature original work from designers Zachary Lieberman and R. Luke DuBois – Architects Newspaper

Students Participated in the projects:
Sean Barbe BFA Arch 15
Clem Cartwright MFA ID 19
Del Hoyle MFA ID 17

Ryan Logan BFA Product Design18