Parsons SCE Lighting Design Announced as ROLAN 2022 University Partner

Responsible Outdoor Lighting at Night Conference (ROLAN 2022) 

Bringing together the foremost researchers and practitioners, the Society of Light and Lighting (SLL) and Assistant Professor Dr. Karolina M. Zielinska‐Dabkowska, ILLUME/Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland are launching the inaugural international Responsible Outdoor Lighting at Night (ROLAN) conference, taking place online on 12 – 13 May 2022. ROLAN 2022 is a two‐day online conference designed to facilitate much‐needed collaboration and the support necessary to improve lighting practice and to enhance research, as well as providing networking opportunities between practitioners, researchers and manufacturers.

This conference will utilise the immense depth of knowledge, expertise, and innovation of an international panel of speakers, presenting unique perspectives from lighting and related disciplines and research areas. Aiming to broaden horizons, increase understanding, and improve communication between researchers, lighting professionals for the benefit of the environment and society as a whole.

The event offers an outstanding occasion for lighting professionals, architects, town planners, landscape designers, lighting manufacturers, local authorities, ecologists, and researchers to keep up‐to‐date with recent findings. Much has changed since the introduction of LED lighting and it is necessary to reduce its impact on all aspects of the environment.

The programme includes 31 renowned speakers from across Australia, Europe and the United States, covering a range of expertise specialisms such as, lighting design, environmental science, biology, astronomy, medical science and legal aspects. The talks have been divided into four dedicated sessions: (1) Losing our dark nights, (2) Best lighting practice(s) to reduce light pollution, (3) Light pollution legal aspects, and (4) the impact of light exposure at night on the environment and humans.

In developing the programme, the organisers contacted leading figures from the industry to gauge their response to the proposed topic.

Mark Major (Senior Partner, Speirs Major):

“We need artificial light as a society, but how do we balance its use with the environmental impact that it creates? How do we reduce energy use, light pollution, ecological damage and electronic waste, whilst continuing to create great experiences for people after dark? These are just some of

challenges that confront us, not only in the future but right now. I really look forward to participating in the debate about new ways of working with outdoor lighting at night.”

Florence Lam (Global Lighting Design Director, Arup):

“We need to shift our lighting design paradigm towards a humanity‐centric approach. This entails designing with the long‐term health and wellbeing of people, place and planet in mind … harmonising the symbiotic relationship between humans and biodiversity”

Allan Howard (Group Technical Director Lighting and Energy Solutions, WSP) “I am delighted to have been invited to speak at the Responsible Outdoor Lighting at Night inaugural conference regarding obtrusive light. The application of all forms of artificial light at night is an important global topic, not just with respect to dark skies but within all environments through to city centres. The more we can raise the importance of good lighting design undertaken by competent designers to protect the environment the better”

The ROLAN 2022 organisers would like to thank the conference Founding Partners: International Dark‐Sky Association (IDA), International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), ILLUME, Institute of Lighting Professionals (ILP), Lighting Industry Association (LIA) and Society of Light and Lighting who begin this important paradigm shift together. Members of Founding Partners can access the conference at SLL member rate.

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