Parsons M.Arch Faculty Eva Perez de Vega presents at the UIA World Congress of Architects in Copenhagen: SUSTAINABLE FUTURES

Eva was part of the Science Track panel focused on the Non-Human, which interrogated how “architects
contribute to create an awareness to the needs of non-human actors not only on the level of the discipline´s
critical role in urban ecology, but also by including non-human´s subjectivities in the built environment.”
Under the title of “The architecture of (hu)man exceptionalism” Eva presented a synthesis of
visual material that ties together her work on multispecies habitats at her NYC-based practice
e+i studio, with the theoretical groundwork which is part of her Philosophical research andher

work as professor of Degree Project at Pratt SOA; all addressing the need to interrogate human
exceptionalist ways of intervening in the built environment and doing architecture.

The UIA is an international non-governmental organization recognized by UNESCO as the only
architectural union operating at an international level. The UIA World Congress of Architects in
Copenhagen 2023 is the world’s largest event on Sustainable Architecture.

The International Union of Architects UIA organizes a World Congress of Architects every three years.
This year it was held in Copenhagen, Denmark, bringing together architects, landscape architects,
designers with NGO’s , scientists and political stakeholders, to discuss how architecture can contribute to
a sustainable future – leaving no one behind.