Parsons Lighting Students Win IESNYC Student Competition

Parsons first year lighting students Anirudh Anand, Priyanka Shah and Aarohi Mittal win Grand Prize for their project “Beyond the Veil” and Wan-Chien (Shelly) Lin won Honorable Mention for “Bio-Shimmer”.
“Beyond the Veil” celebrates and laments the fleeting moments of interaction that we all share with millions of other city dwellers each day. Figures that are obscured from view are revealed through shadow and reflection upon a veil. They swirl and mingle, changing with every moment, offering glimpses of silhouettes as they move. These moments of revelation mirror the way in which our only interaction with most of the people we see each day is fleeting and superficial. Our understanding of the totality of the city is limited to the glimpses we get as we go about our days. Through its play of shadow and movement, the installation celebrates the transient beauty of the precious moments we share with strangers — the rare, unique moment when diverse, complex individuals interact for the first and only time. Beyond the Veil prompts us to appreciate the beauty and complexity in everyday moments, and to question the nature of our existence within the larger circle of life.
IESNYC STUDENT COMPETITION HISTORY: The IESNYC Student Lighting Competition promotes education and greater awareness about the importance of lighting design. Since 2000, students from New York City Art and Design schools have been invited to participate in a city wide design competition to promote the value and contribution lighting makes to the experience of the built environment.
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