Parsons Lighting Design Alumni Advance in International Student Competition


MFA Lighting Design alumni at The Challenge (left to right): Regina Lausell, Hong Wang, Jacinda Ross, Isabel Sanchez, Jenny Werbell, Michael Hawkins

Parsons Lighting Design alumni advance in Professional Lighting Design Magazine international lighting student competition.  Selected by an esteemed jury of lighting professionals from around the world, six recent graduates of the Parsons MFA Lighting Design and dual degree program presented their work in Edinburgh, Scotland at Round III of the competition, titled The Challenge. A report on the Edinburgh proceedings can be found here.

The Challenge consists of four Rounds through which the best students will be selected. Five experienced designers from different parts of the world coached the students on content and presentation techniques prior to selecting a five for the opportunity to present their work at the Professional Lighting Design Convention in Rome, Italy in October 2015.  The competition has the aim of activating more students to learn from each other and from experienced professionals and, together with their schools, become a more accepted part of the lighting design community. Round II included 16 students representing lighting degree programs from around the world.  Parsons lighting program had the greatest participation by sending 6 young designers to this round.

Round III Participants include: Hong Wang (MFALD 2014) , Regina Lausell (MFALD 2014) , Jenny Werbell (MFA LD + ID, 2014), Michael Hawkins (MFALD 2014), Jacinda Ross (MFALD + M Arch),

Advanced to Round IV: Isabel Sanchez (MFALD 2014)