Parsons Interior Design Faculty Represented at the IDEC 2023 East Regional Conference

The School of Constructed Environments would like to highlight two of our esteemed Interior Design faculty members here at Parsons, Adeboyega Adefope, AAS ID Director & Assistant Professor of Interiors, Objects, and Technology and Nadia Elrokhsy, Associate Professor of Ecological Design, who both presented at the IDEC 2023 East Regional Conference on a panel titled Reconsidering the role of the Period Room.

The 2023 East Regional Conference theme is MAKING INTERIORS. According to the conference description, IDEC seeks to answer the question: “What does it mean to make interiors today? Historically, the relationship between materials and fabrication was intimately tied to place. Today, advancements in technology have radically changed production, fabrication, and manufacturing, as well as the notion of locale. Building information modeling has provided a means for collaborative and data-driven design. And virtual reality, augmented reality, and the metaverse promise unlimited potential for the design of spaces of virtual interactions. At the same time, the need for making (and re-making) the socio-economic sphere has never been greater, with advocates calling for a more representative profession that serves a diverse set of clients in a more equitable manner.”

The conference was held at the Wentworth Institute of Technology on October 5-7, 2023 and invited individuals (scholars, industry partners, and graduate students) to submit abstracts that contribute to the body of knowledge of interior design and interior design education.

To learn more about the conference and stay up to date with future events, click here. Congratulations to our faculty once again!